Monday, August 30, 2010


UR NEW YORK prepares for upcoming fall exhibitions...

Looking forward to what this piece becomes...

Work in progress..

SKI gets busy...

2ESAE gets busy...

2ESAE & SKI contemplate their next move...

TMNK(NOBODY) takes Norway by storm!

TMNK's(NOBODY)solo exhibition in Norway was a huge success! On opening night TMNK sold 39 out of 46 paintings. He was also featured in three Newspapers and interviewed on National TV. Now from the great response in Norway TMNK(NOBODY)has a follow up SOLO show scheduled in Portugal!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


jesse reno paints 2010 from jesse reno on Vimeo.

Jesse Reno will be one of the featured artists in "ART 4 HEARTS" group show fundraiser for the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. Curated by Jason Zenga from Art Asylum Boston and yours truly Frankie Velez..

The following video documents Jesse Reno's painting process, as he works on 4 paintings simultaneously from start to finish. one of the paintings becomes collaged into one of the others so he ends with 3 finished pieces.

The idea was to document Jesse's process as pure and true to form as possible. jumping from one piece to another and back again as the impulses and urges push and pull him. painting over layer after layer as he searches for just the right feeling, composition, meaning, and colors he needs to see to call a painting finished.

Through out the video there are still shots that hold every so often to help the viewer better see each piece in its entirety during its process. this should help "you" the viewer keep track of whats going on.. good might need to see it twice to fully understand it..

The video was shot over the course of 4 days, in the course of approximately 36 hrs. it was all shot as a series of still photographs adding up to approximately 30,000 photos. Wisa Kuuttila shot all the photos and assembled them into the animation. Jesse composed, recorded, and produced all the music.


Monday, August 23, 2010


Artist:Brent Nolasco
Medium: Acrylic and Spray Paint on Wood Panel
Size 11 x 14

Here is a sneak preview of one of the pieces for the "ART FOR HEARTS" art show. It will be a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Details for the show TBA...

How to Stencil a Balloon...Balloons over Beacon NY!

How to Stencil a Balloon...Balloons over Beacon NY! from Peat Wollaeger on Vimeo.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Daniel KRAVE Fila

Daniel Krave Fila is a Local Miami artist who also exhibited in my group art show GRAFFOLUTION last month. Get ready to see more of Daniel Krave Fila outside of Miami as his star rises. This video you're about to see is a tribute to "The Ladies In White". Civil right fighters who where imprisoned in Cuba.

Gerry Stecca

Gerry Stecca is a local Miami artist.I met Gerry Stecca briefly last year during Art Basel in a show called "Imaginary Friends" curated by my friend Maria Arellano. Last week after curating an art show in Miami I had some time to run around and do some networking.I went to Bake House an old bakery refinery now renovated and housing art studios for about 70 artists. Gerry Stecca is one of the artists at Bake House.

A painter most of his life, Gerry Stecca’s two dimensional artwork gradually evolved into the realm of Sculptural Installations. Frequent traveling and exposure to many facets of the creative world, provided a constant stream of stimulation and inspiration. His sculptural work applies the principles of pattern and repetition, climaxing with the work done with Wooden Clothespins.

Solo Exhibit Opening In Norway

New York street artist TMNK paintings will be featured in a Solo Exhibition.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Painted Animation By BLU

Last night I was still feeling sleepy from a weekend of camping,so I added a 1/2 of teaspoon of Nature's Raw Guarana tea mix in my water to get some energy. As always it kicked in late and I was up all night again. I decided to browse through the Warholian a site all about art. That's when I stumbled on to this cool video they posted on one of my favorite street artists BLU. Some of you probably saw it already and most of you probably didn't. Sit back press play and enjoy. Cheers!

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


GRAFFOLUTION the group art show I'm currently curating gets interviewed by art critic Julia Morton.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Susann Brox Nilsen

Susann Brox Nilsen is a self-taught artist from Tromsø, Norway.

From the very first time Susann Brox Nilsen painted, it was obvious to her that she had found her big passion.It was Susann Brox Nilsen's mother who also is a great artist, that encouraged Susann to grab the paintbrush.Susann Brox Nilsen has been drawing since she was able to hold a pencil, everything from cartoons to fashion, but she didn't really think she could paint at all.

At the age of 24 Susann Brox Nilsen was challenged to paint her very first painting at a friend's request. From that point on a wheel started spinning and Susann Brox Nilsen quickly developed her very own style.

Susann Brox Nilsen paints with oil and can easily spend hours and days at a time on one piece. Susann's inspiration comes from surrealism and her favorite artist is Mark Ryden.Anything that breaks away from reality attracts her attention.

Susann Brox Nilsen paints a lot of self-portraits.Some of her paintings reveal how she feels inside at the time.The eyes are very central in her work, since the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

A common thing Susann hears from people is that her paintings are beautiful but sad and filled with hurt. Many are but she uses a lot of happy colors despite the dark subject.

At the present time Susann Brox Nilsen has her art hanging in galleries in Tromsø,Norway.
Two were solo exhibitions, and two exhibitions were group shows.

Susann Brox Nilsen's future plan is to get her work out to the rest of the world. She also plans to apply for a school that teaches art therapy. Stay tuned for more artwork by Susann Brox Nilsen.